The state of things

The Aroma espresso was getting colder while my conversation with Guy Weinberg, a colleague and a friend, was just getting hotter. It was a sunny Monday and we were discussing how a few teams in the organization are able to deliver reliable software relatively fast, utilizing DevOps principles and tactics, while others seem to be stuck with slow releases and mostly manual testing and deployment.

DevOps definiton as venn diagram (from Wikipedia)

By that time Agile and DevOps were standard practices in software development, but since enterprises are slower to adopt new technologies and methodologies our organization was not quite there. …

The guy that almost slapped Arnold Schwarzenegger

It was a lazy Saturday when I was sitting outside, reading Tim Feriss’s “4 Hour Body” (I ate too much ice cream at the time and gained quite a few pounds, it’s a great book for handling the issue). Quite in the beginning of the book I came across a very simple, yet important principle called Minimum Effective Dose (MED).

Although originally from pharmacology, the term was used by a rather angry (and funny) gentleman named Arthur Jones. He once grubbed Arnold Schwarzenegger by the shirt and threatened him to shut up, that is according to his protege Dr. …

Mark Vaykhansky

I'm a Machine Learning Engineer passionate about technology and leadership

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